Plan : Analysis by Dylan Shilts (Founder of Forexia)
Price : 55 USD
Duration : 30 Days
  • Dylan is the Founder of Forex Investors Alliance. Creator of the #SignatureTrade strategy and author of the book, "The Way of The Superior Trader" . Dylan has a great understanding of human psychology as the methodology of his strategy is based off understanding the how to reverse engineer retail trading strategies and mindsets in order to see a greater representation of how the markets function.
  • Dylan trades mostly Tue/Wed/Thur - Expect Dylan's trades to run for multiple days at a time (Day trading) - Dylan sends on average 2 to 4 high quality trade analysis per week.
  • Dashboard Signal - YES
  • Email Alert - YES
  • SMS Alert - NO
  • Telegram Alert - YES
  • Support - Premium
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