Plan : Analysis by Mark English (Trap Trading)
Price : 55 USD
Duration : 30 Days
  • Founder of the ‘Evolution of Dumb Money’ strategy. Mark can be described as one of the most detailed bank trap analyst of our times. He is the first to coin the terms ‘liquidity saturation point’ and ‘bank trap correlation amongst the crosses’. Mark speaks of the market in it’s true and real sense claiming that there is no such thing as ‘candlesticks’ and that MetaTrader 4 is only a reflection or shadow of human emotion, greed, hope, and expectation. He goes on to explain how Human beings have expectations of the market based on psychological levels that bankers know to exploit. these psychological levels in the forex market are infested with institutional manipulation preying on the hopes and dreams of retail traders.
  • Mark describes how metatrader 4 is only a simulation... it’s a secondary existence. The teachings here engage you into the primary existence... the art of seeing what’s ‘behind the screen’. Being able to put oneself in the minds of the collective retail world and the minds of the market makers that exploits their decisions taught based on false trading knowledge. Be ready to have your mind blown with these advanced teachings Average trades per week: 3-6 Average trader per months: 25-35
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